Bad Party is a theatre experience by TalkShow aimed at audiences aged 8-12.

You’re invited to a party...but there’s an undeniable sense that all is not well.

Gradually the party breaks down and the audience will have to guide the action. Can they get the show, and the adults running the show, back on track? The young party guests will need empathy and imagination to create their own ending and decide where we go from here…

Bad Party affords the young audience a freedom and autonomy that aren’t always experienced in the theatre and a platform to boost their self-esteem and confidence through genuine agency, creativity and interactive play. As adults we sometimes shield children from our problems and anxieties, but can they support us adults, just as we try to support them?

Bad Party is in development in 2024 via workshops with young people to guide the development of the piece.

It is supported by Farnham Maltings New Popular, The Spire, East Brighton and Mercury Theatre Colchester.

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